Each order is made with only the freshest ingredients and served a la minute.
Thank you for your patience!


French onion soup with aged gruyere & swiss cheese (voted best onion soup in NYC Daily News 2013) 9.00
Soup of the day 7.00
House Salad  (triple washed mesclun lettuce &  Dijon vinaigrette) 8.00
Escargot (sauteed snails, bacon, cherry tomato, herb butter) served w/  bread 10.00
Goat cheese salad (triple washed mesclun lettuce , goat cheese, crushed pecans, tomato, red beets & red onion) 12.00
Frisee salad (Chef Philippe’s favorite! Warm chicory salad w/ poached egg, blue cheese, bacon & croutons) 13.00
P.E.I. Mussels a la Nage w/ French fries 12.00

Triskell Savory Crepes (Made from organic buckwheat flour). 
No substitutions please

Ham and Swiss cheese 7.00
Ham, egg and Swiss cheese 8.00
Egg, Swiss and Bacon 8.50
Seasonal vegetables 7.00
Button mushrooms, Swiss cheese & herb butter 8.00
Cream of Spinach with Mushroom 9.00
French Aged Goat cheese with herbs 9.00
Cream of Spinach and Chicken 11.00
Chicken, vegetables & goat cheese 12.00
*** Please add $2.00 to the price of extra topping  $3.00 for Chicken ***

Triskell Sandwiches (served with potato chips & side house salad)

Croque Monsieur (sandwich w/ ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel sauce) 9.00
Croque Madame (sandwich w/ ham, Swiss cheese, béchamel sauce, plus egg) 10.00

Triskell Main Course

Chicken Cordon Bleu (chicken breast stuffed with ham, swiss and mozzarella) served with side house salad 18.00
P.E.I Mussels a la Nage with french fries 19.00
Pork Stroganoff with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes 20.00
Angus Ribeye Steak with French fries 25.00

Dessert Crepes (no substitutions please)

Butter & Sugar 4.50
Cinnamon and Sugar 4.50
Lemon & Sugar 5.00
Homemade chocolate sauce 5.50
Lemon & Sugar with berry compote 6.00
Homemade Banana and Chocolate Jam 6.00
Homemade chocolate sauce & toasted almonds 6.00
Maple Syrup 6.00
Apricot Jam with toated almonds 6.00
Homemade Pumpkin and Apple Cider Jam 6.00
Organic Strawberry Jam 6.00
Banana, nutella and whipped cream 7.00
Banana with buckwheat honey and toasted almonds 7.00
Poached pear, homemade chocolate sauce, toasted almonds & whipped cream 8.00
Additional toppings available ($2.00 per topping)
caramel & coconut


Soft Drinks (12 oz cans) 2.00
Milk 2.00
Apple Juice 2.00
Orangina 3.00
Perrier 3.00
Organic Orange Juice 3.00
Beer (Bottle) 5.00
Coffee 2.00
Café au lait 2.50
Espresso 2.75
Double Espresso 4.00
Cappuccino 3.50
Selection of Organic Teas 3.00

Cash Only Please